One of the crucial goals for the Visegrad Four group (V4) - comprised of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, is to enhance the attractiveness of their agriculture, an important sector of their national economies. Some of the possibilities for achieving this would be to explore new areas such as agrotourism, biomass and biogas processing, or supporting small family farms. Additionally, innovative technologies and farmers’ centered education responding to farmers’ timetables and specific requirements present other vital methods.  

The project „AgriEdu - Enhance Attractiveness of Agriculture by Information Technologies and Innovative Learning" supported by the International Visegrad Fund aims to create an educational and communication platform that would map the current situation in the agricultural sector in the V4 countries and also highlight the possibilities of how to increase the attractiveness of agriculture and support the development of rural areas. 

These pages will provide a database of successful projects and activities related to agriculture and development of rural areas; examples of the best practices implementing modern technologies; and information about the educational possibilities related to agriculture. 

The AgriEdu project creates a space for tighter cooperation between the V4 countries focusing on the support of small farms, development of educational projects corresponding to farmers’ needs, implementation of innovations, sustainable rural development, support for renewable energy sources or better waste management.